Who Are the Pioneering Personal Health Startups Transforming UK Healthcare?

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The United Kingdom is home to an array of Personal Health startups ranging from allergy-friendly skincare to digital mental health platforms. These innovative companies are changing the health and wellness industry by offering unique and tailored health solutions. They are also bridging the gap between health care and technology, making it easier for people to take control of their personal health.

These startups operate in a variety of industries and complements traditional healthcare services with digital solutions and more personalised care. This article will present a brief overview of these exciting startups and what they offer to the average health-conscious consumer or patient.

From predictive population analytics to skincare that meets unique personal needs, these startups are at the forefront of health and wellness innovation in the UK. Here are 15 of the most interesting Personal Health startups in the United Kingdom:


SYD is a startup that combines predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence to improve health outcomes. Founded by Lorena Puica, their platform offers predictive population analytics for enterprises and an AI virtual companion for employees.


Dearbump is a unique personal health startup focusing on pregnancy. Founded by Emma Jarvish, Dearbump offers a subscription box full of products designed specifically for each stage of pregnancy.


Norn is an EdTech company offering solutions for mental health. Travis Hollingsworth’s startup delivers mental health resources and support through digital media and social networks.

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Kai InfoMed

Healthcare technology company, Kai InfoMed was founded by Kola ILORI. They provide tailored healthcare experiences for patients, health centres, and healthcare professionals.

Intolerance Lab (United Kingdom)

Quickly identify body intolerances with the Intolerance Lab. This health diagnostic startup offers results in just three days to uncover any hidden intolerances.

Crescendo Massager

Wellness startup Crescendo Massager, founded by Soumyadip Rakshit, brings innovation to personal health with its smart massager.


PrimeCarers, developed by James Bowdler, is a platform designed to connect people in need of care with carers.


Mindstep, founded by Hamzah Selim, aims to promote better brain health with its range of apps and devices. Visit Mindstep for more details.

The Wild Curl

Albert Abello Lozano and Vanessa Martins Lopes founded The Wild Curl with a goal to empower women to embrace their natural curls. This startup is reshaping beauty standards and promoting self-love.


Neurocreate combines AI and neuroscience to beguile creativity and enhance mental health. The platform was created by Gregory Grefenstette and Shama Rahman.


Offering digital access to therapists, HelloSelf is improving mental well-being under the guidance of founder Charles Wells.


Wavepaths, designed by Anna Rickman and Mendel Kaelen, provides tools for psychedelic therapy intended to support personal transformation and inner exploration.


Co-founders Karen Harwood and Victoria Tydeman offer allergen neutral skincare products via Oodee, promoting the next generation of clean beauty.

The Movement Athlete

The Movement Athlete, created by Agnieszka Nazaruk, offers a skill-based fitness training application for fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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Kloris CBD, founded by Kim Smith, Matt McNeill, and Pedram Mehrshahi, delivers premium CBD wellness and beauty products designed for maximum efficacy and enjoyable usage.

These startups highlight the diversity and innovation within the UK’s personal health sector, utilising technology and comprehensive research to change the way people approach and manage their health.

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