Who Are Pioneering UK’s Media and Entertainment Startups in 2023?

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As technology and consumer behaviour continue to change rapidly, many UK startups are leveraging these shifts to reinvent the media and entertainment landscape. Whether through innovative advertising techniques or transforming the way we consume content, these fledgeling companies are shaping what media and entertainment will look like in the future. We’ve rounded up a list of 15 exciting UK media and entertainment startups that are set to make a significant impact.

These startups range from those developing advanced tech like blockchain and virtual reality to redefine engagement, to those harnessing the potential of digital platforms for more efficient distribution and marketing of content. Each of these companies is on a unique journey towards transforming media and entertainment, yet the common thread that binds them is an unwavering dedication to innovation and customer focus.

Here’s a closer look at these unique startups and their journey so far:


Focused on making blockchain and cryptocurrency easily understood, CryptoMeNow is carving a niche in the Media and Entertainment industry. Though the founders remain anonymous, their ambition of demystifying the world of cryptocurrency is clear and potent.


Founded by Jonathan Curley, FurShows is a digital platform that serves as a cultural archive, video hosting site, and a prospective streaming service. It gears towards anthropomorphic fans looking to uniquely blend various entertainment facets from video on demand to museums and historical sites.

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With founders Farabi Shayor and Limon Rahman at the helm, ImmVRse is an innovative, decentralised VR content distribution platform. It explores the crossroads of Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Media and Entertainment, and Virtual Reality.


Footbolé seeks to dominate the blended niche of Digital Media and Soccer. They aim to foster a culture-defining brand for a new generation of football fans, focusing particularly on creating shareable content.

Parable Works

Parable Works, founded by David Wise and James Harris, is a Virtual Reality and Television Studio & Agency. Their focus industries include Advertising, Broadcasting, Film Production, Marketing, TV, and Virtual Reality.


As a regional media and information service company, DevonLive offers up-to-date and engaging breaking news, sports coverage, entertainment facets, and videos.


CLIPd is a unique venture in the entertainment sector employing a cryptic approach – “Icons of Rage.” This mysterious service adds a sense of intrigue and excitement to an already vibrant industry.

The Art Show

The Art Show is a television series that caters to a global audience, covering entertainment, sports, news, magazines, and more, demonstrating the vast potential for diverse platforms in the digital age.


Offering a range of ad services, Face2trade‘s mission centres around maintaining its reputation as a first-class producer of quality content. From Internet marketing to Mobile Advertising, this platform covers it all.


ZyCrypto is an online Cryptocurrency media outlet that provides breaking news, expert opinions, analysis, and comprehensive reviews to a global audience.

iEurope Broadcasting

Founded by Alexander Thorn, iEurope Broadcasting provide live and recorded news, movies, events, sports, music, and TV Shows via the internet to a global audience.

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E3 Media

As a digital marketing agency, E3 Media combines Advertising, Digital Media, and Social Media to provide comprehensive media solutions.


Founded by Stephan Oehen, Gondoli is a web-based travel platform exclusively providing editorially reviewed content, demonstrating the myriad of opportunities within the scope of digital media.

BOLT Global

With founders Christel Quek and Jamal Hassim, BOLT Global is a leading Web3 Solutions Company. It effectively illustrates the blend of traditional media elements with cutting-edge technology.

Sandridge Media

As a digital marketing agency, Sandridge Media offers Advertising, Brand Marketing, and Direct Marketing services. This fully-equipped agency seeks to utilise digital platforms to redefine the future of advertising and marketing.

The UK startup scene is teeming with incredibly innovative companies disrupting the media and entertainment industry. These startups, each unique in their vision and execution, signal a bright future for the sector and contribute significantly to the global media landscape. Let’s keep our eyes on these companies as they evolve and redefine the industry.

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