Who are Top Shapers of UK’s Video Streaming Industry in 2023?

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United Kingdom is a growing hub for tech startups and one such area witnessing a rapid evolution is Video Streaming. With on-demand viewing becoming the norm, the industry is ripe with startups introducing innovative solutions to bolster their user experiences. Here we take a look at 15 UK Video Streaming startups taking the digital entertainment landscape by storm.

From cultural video archives to sports broadcasting, these startups are unique in their offerings and are contributing to reshaping the industry as we know it. Read on for a deep dive on 15 of the most interesting startups in the UK’s digital entertainment scene.

Linked directly to their websites, the list spans across a broad range of sectors within the digital entertainment realm including video on demand, live video streaming, and even uniquely-targeted content showcasing the diversity in technology across the UK.


FurShows is a novel venture by Jonathan Curley blending the worlds of archiving and digital entertainment. The startup offers a cultural archive and video hosting site specifically for anthropomorphic fans and aims to build itself into a streaming service. Their diverse offering spans from archiving service to video on demand and more.

Kam7 Studios

Kam7 Studios better known for their professional photography services, are venturing into the video streaming industry. Kam7 Studios offer a comprehensive suite in video streaming including video editing and more.

Discover Film

Discover Film is a unique platform which combines short form video content with a focus on mental health and well-being. Founded by Sarah Jane Thomson and Steve Harmston, their content straddles between healthcare, media & entertainment, and wellness industries.

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Cudo Ventures

Cudo Ventures headed by Matt Hawkins, is a large-scale provider of sustainable cloud computing & Tech4Good monetisation software currently operating in 145+ countries also ventures into video editing and streaming services.


With a focus on sports and entertainment, Recast is a versatile streaming platform offering broad options in broadcasting. Founded by Andy Meikle,the platform caters to the interest of sports enthusiasts and entertainment buffs alike.

TaTaTu Enterprises

TaTaTu Enterprises, a startup by Andrea Iervolino, integrates blockchain technology into their video streaming services for a unique viewing experience.


Streeem is an all-round platform offering video streaming solutions for live, virtual, and hybrid events, podcasts or video production services. The startup was founded by Dominic Compagnone.

Uneek Media

Uneek Media specialises in video production and streaming along with additional services in branding, translation, and copywriting, marking their excellence as a creative agency.


NODVIX is a unique peer-to-peer broadcasting platform designed for video content display. Their caliber spans across varied sectors including advertising and online portals.


Beabacker founded by Luke Stephenson is a crowdfunding platform for content creators, offering a wide range of content streaming services from podcasting to gaming

Miraj Stories

Miraj Stories, headed by Adiba Ataeva, brings healthy Halal screen time to kids in the global Muslim market showcasing their unique focus on a particular audience.

Minute Shorts

Minute Shorts is a unique video streaming platform founded by Janvier Wete and Julian Vifor that lets viewers watch quality short films based on how much time they have available.

Purely Capital

Purely Capital, formed by Elaine Godfrey and Wayne Marc Godfrey, is a media and entertainment financing company which also offers video streaming services to their clients in the industry.

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yord founded by Dmitry Kochergin and Kirill Mannyanov is a Generation Z social network that gamifies video streaming.


The last on our list, Cabirya founded by Antonio Emmanouilidis and Marco Moretti offers video streaming services under the mantra of “Streaming Together”.

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