Who Are the Pioneers of Higher Education Startups in the UK?

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The United Kingdom has been a hub of innovation for centuries, and the flourishing higher education sector is no exception. Across the country, universities, entrepreneurs, and investors are developing new and exciting startups in the higher education sector. These innovative companies are utilizing technology to improve student outcomes and extend learning beyond the classroom. Here, we take a look at fifteen UK based startups who are making significant contributions to the world of higher education.

These ground-breaking companies cross various disciplines, covering everything from education technology and digital instruction to student assistance and investment in future educational platforms. Founders with different backgrounds and from various professions have leveraged their expertise to create solutions that enhance student experiences and outcomes. These education-focused startups are significantly contributing to a rapidly evolving sector. Their innovative approaches are not only disrupting traditional systems of education but are also placing the UK at the forefront of educational innovation.

From a platform that focuses on graduate outcomes to a mobile application designed specifically for students, these startups represent the varied approaches to advancing higher education in the UK. Each one brings a unique offering to the table, demonstrating the potential of technology to revolutionize how students learn, teachers teach, and institutions manage their educational offerings.


Sliips is a technology startup focusing on graduate outcomes for universities. Founded by Patrick McConnell and Thomas Ridings, the company seeks to improve student outcomes in the education sector.

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An edtech company that helps students get better grades, Currikula uses technology to enhance student performance. It is founded by Justin Moryto and Sam Loyd and operates in higher education, analytics, and more.

Magnify Ventures

Magnify Ventures, a creation of Fadl Al Tarzi, is a non-active entity originally set up to fund Nexford University. It lies within the realm of E-learning, edtech, higher education, and information technology.

Course Eagle

As an online education platform, Course Eagle is aimed at transforming online learning in higher education, textbook, and tutoring industries.

Zoom Abroad

Zoom Abroad, pioneered by Abhishek Nakhate, is an AI platform connecting students to the best-fit universities globally, saving them time and money.


Modernizing and standardizing offer to arrival for universities, agents and international students, Enroly, founded by Jeffrey Williams and Maynard Inkster, is changing the way students enrol in higher education.

Code Coven

Code Coven provides skills in game development, curriculum design, legal, and business, which makes it a unique player in the higher education sector.

Immersify Education

Immersify Education, developed by Chloe Barrett and Maxwell Boardman, aims at creating interactive resources for higher education in dental, edtech, medical, and more fields.

Founders Academy

Founders Academy, created by Asha Haji, Brent Hoberman, and Riya Pabari, is a modern business school that empowers business leaders defining the future.

Greater London Business School

Providing education in management, online learning, leadership, sales, and training, the Greater London Business School is reshaping educational practices.

EKC Group

With a family of six community-based colleges, EKC Group is a significant player in the higher, vocation, and training education industry.

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Mo University Assistant

As a unique suite of mobile apps designed specifically for students, Mo University Assistant is committed to improving the university student experience.

Suited Tutor

Suited Tutor, founded by Dimitris Proko, provides elite educational services and is a contending player in the E-learning, education, language learning, music education, primary education, secondary education, and tutoring business.


A SaaS based mobile app player, Rubitek, started by Kerry Linley, is reshaping the computer, education, and software industry.

Doctrina Partnerships

With its mission to deliver the world’s first 2-year Biomedical Science degree course and other medical pathway courses, Doctrina Partnerships, founded by Kal Makwana, is contributing significantly to the higher education industry.

Each of these UK-based education startups is relentlessly working towards redefining higher education. They are not only bridging the gap between traditional education systems and digital advancements but are also reinforcing the United Kingdom’s high standing on the global education stage.

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