Breaking the Mold: 15 London Social Network Startups Redefining Connectivity

Embracing the Power of Connectivity and Innovation.

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London, England, United Kingdom, known as the thriving hub of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, is home to a vibrant social network startup scene. These groundbreaking companies are revolutionizing the way we connect, share, and engage with each other in the digital age. In this article, we will showcase and delve into the fascinating world of 15 remarkable social network startups in London, each with its unique vision and contribution to the industry.

amvigo: For London’s Business Founders and C-Suite

Amvigo Elite, founded by Angela Moran, is a virtual private membership club that caters to London’s business founders and C-suite professionals. With a focus on fostering meaningful connections, Amvigo Elite brings together like-minded individuals who can network, collaborate, and access exclusive resources. By combining the power of communities, social networks, and travel, amvigo offers a platform where members can thrive both personally and professionally.

MNFST: Unleashing the Digital Potential

MNFST, led by Michael Sokolov and Victor Belogub, is on a mission to empower individuals to realize, develop, and monetize their digital profiles. This innovative SaaS platform enables users to harness the full potential of their online presence. MNFST provides tools, insights, and opportunities for content creators, influencers, and brands to collaborate effectively, fostering a mutually beneficial ecosystem within the social network landscape.

Birda: Connecting People with Nature

Birda, co-founded by Dom Barker, John White, and Natalie White, embraces the beauty of nature and offers a unique platform to connect individuals with their surrounding environment. Blending elements of information technology, internet services, lifestyle, and social media, Birda enables users to find their “flock” and share their experiences with like-minded nature enthusiasts. Whether it’s discovering new hiking trails, spotting rare bird species, or organizing eco-conscious events, Birda is at the forefront of promoting a sustainable and connected lifestyle.

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Norn: EdTech Pioneering Mental Health

Norn, founded by Travis Hollingsworth, takes a novel approach to mental health by integrating education technology (EdTech) into its platform. Norn focuses on digital media, personal health, and social networks to offer individuals valuable resources, peer support, and expert guidance. By providing a safe and inclusive space, Norn aims to create a positive impact on mental well-being through the power of technology and community.

A League of Her Own: Empowering Female Entrepreneurs

Charly Lester spearheads “A League of Her Own,” an online community that serves as a haven for female entrepreneurs. By combining elements of business development, e-learning, professional networking, and social networks, this platform offers a support system where women can thrive, learn, and collaborate. A League of Her Own connects ambitious women, fosters empowerment, and celebrates their accomplishments, paving the way for a more inclusive startup landscape.

Follow Alice: Personalized Adventure Travel

Follow Alice, co-founded by Daniel Louis, Reto Bolliger, and Sebastian Schmidt, merges technology with human interaction to create personalized adventure travel experiences. As a leading platform in the adventure travel, communities, and social network sectors, Follow Alice caters to wanderlust-driven individuals seeking authentic and immersive journeys. By leveraging innovative solutions, Follow Alice ensures that every adventure becomes a holistic and unforgettable client experience.

HappyGo: A Twist on Dating Apps

HappyGo, founded by Jack Barham, introduces a unique twist to the world of dating apps. It pairs users on blind dates with individuals they share mutual friends with on Facebook, offering a more reliable and trustworthy dating experience. By combining elements of dating and social networks, HappyGo takes advantage of existing connections to foster meaningful relationships.

Hello Daisy: A Private Social Media Platform

Hello Daisy, founded by David Mark, presents a private social media platform that utilizes the TV as an internet-enabling device. This innovative approach focuses on fitness, healthcare, internet services, and social networks, allowing users to engage with social media content seamlessly through their television screens. Hello Daisy opens up new avenues for social interaction, entertainment, and engagement within the digital landscape.

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Meetro: Your Ultimate Travel Companion

Meetro offers a convenient travel companion app designed to enhance users’ travel experiences. Whether it’s finding like-minded individuals to explore new destinations or discovering hidden gems, Meetro combines elements of dating, navigation, and social networks to create a holistic travel platform. With Meetro, users can forge connections, create memories, and embark on unforgettable journeys.

Ripplear: Monetizing Thoughts and Connections

Ripplear, an open-world network, enables individuals to create a ripple effect with their thoughts and ideas while providing opportunities to monetize their contributions. By leveraging online portals, social media, and social networks, Ripplear empowers users to share their passions, expertise, and perspectives with a global community. This unique platform breaks down barriers, facilitates collaboration, and encourages the exchange of valuable insights.

Rekit App – Ask.Share.Help: Recommendations Made Easy

Rekit App, created by Asdren Zhubi, is a social network dedicated to recommendations. By combining communities, mobile apps, and social media, Rekit App simplifies the process of seeking and sharing recommendations. Whether it’s finding the best local restaurants, discovering new books, or seeking professional advice, Rekit App connects users with reliable and personalized recommendations from a trusted community.

My Motiff: Redefining Social Networking

My Motiff, founded by Tyrone Bryant, introduces a social networking app that redefines how individuals connect and engage with each other. With a focus on building meaningful relationships, My Motiff offers a fresh approach to social networks. By providing a platform that prioritizes authenticity, shared interests, and genuine connections, My Motiff creates a space where users can truly stay connected in a new and profound way.

Flare: Monetization Powered by Distributed Storage

Flare, founded by Jamie Cox, introduces a new way to monetize content on the internet by leveraging the power of distributed storage. With a strong emphasis on cloud storage, data storage, privacy, and social networks, Flare provides users with a secure and efficient platform to earn revenue from their digital creations. By empowering content creators and ensuring data privacy, Flare paves the way for a fairer and more sustainable online ecosystem.

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AlphaSwap: Democratizing Investment Insights

AlphaSwap, co-founded by Francois Devillez, Khing Oei, and Vladimir Agaev, revolutionizes the investment landscape by bundling the best stock ideas from its analyst community into Data-as-a-Service. This platform combines analytics, asset management, crowdsourcing, financial services, fintech, impact investing, social networks, and wealth management. AlphaSwap democratizes access to valuable investment insights, fostering transparency and empowering investors of all levels to make informed decisions.

OTP London Ltd: Augmented Reality Redefined

OTP London Ltd, founded by Alan Engele, is a tech company and software publisher responsible for the OTP.AR WORLD App. Specializing in augmented reality, big data, dating, information and communications technology (ICT), mobile apps, publishing, social networks, and software, OTP London Ltd offers a cutting-edge platform that seamlessly blends virtual and real-world experiences. By harnessing the power of AR, OTP.AR WORLD App unlocks new dimensions of interaction and engagement.


London’s social network startup ecosystem is a testament to the city’s vibrant and dynamic entrepreneurial landscape. These 15 innovative startups showcased in this article are pushing the boundaries of connectivity, community-building, and personal development. Whether it’s revolutionizing the dating scene, enhancing mental health support, or redefining how we travel, these startups are shaping the future of social networks. As they continue to grow and evolve, they will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in transforming the way we connect and interact in the digital age.

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