Manchester’s Hidden Gems: 15 Internet Startups You Need to Discover

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Manchester, a city renowned for its rich industrial heritage and vibrant culture, is now home to a burgeoning tech ecosystem. Within this thriving environment, numerous innovative internet startups have emerged, disrupting traditional industries and introducing cutting-edge solutions. In this article, we showcase and explore fifteen remarkable internet startups in Manchester that are revolutionizing various sectors.

FoneWire: Your Local Digital Currency

FoneWire has established itself as a prominent player in the financial services, insurance, and payments industry. This startup focuses on providing convenient digital currency solutions to local communities. With their forward-thinking approach, FoneWire aims to bridge the gap between traditional financial systems and the emerging realm of digital currencies.

Dicey Tech: Empowering Tomorrow’s Innovators through EdTech

Dicey Tech is an edtech company on a mission to empower the next generation of innovators. By leveraging project-based learning and cutting-edge technologies like 3D printing, IoT, and mechanical engineering, Dicey Tech is building the educational infrastructure necessary for Industry 4.0. Through their immersive and interactive approach to education, they are preparing students for the challenges of the future.

Pathway AI: Real-time Visual Analysis for Insurers

Pathway AI is transforming the insurance industry with its real-time visual analysis solutions. By leveraging advanced technologies, this startup equips insurers with powerful tools to streamline their operations and enhance decision-making processes. Pathway AI’s innovative approach allows insurers to optimize their workflows, minimize risks, and deliver superior customer experiences.

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Flyte: Streamlining Online Reputation Management for Agencies

Flyte offers a software platform designed to assist agencies in managing their clients’ online reputation, local presence, and reviews. By simplifying and automating these processes, Flyte empowers agencies to focus on their core competencies. With its comprehensive suite of tools, this startup enables agencies to efficiently monitor and enhance their clients’ online reputation, ultimately driving business growth.

Mercarto: Connecting Suppliers and Sellers on a Cloud Ecommerce Platform

Mercarto is a cloud-based ecommerce platform that incorporates a built-in marketplace, facilitating seamless connections between suppliers and sellers. By removing traditional barriers to entry, Mercarto empowers entrepreneurs and businesses to establish their online presence and reach a wider customer base. Through their user-friendly interface and extensive marketplace features, Mercarto is transforming the way ecommerce operates.

GDPR Tracker: Simplifying Compliance with User-Friendly SaaS Solutions

GDPR Tracker simplifies compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) through its user-friendly software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. By providing businesses with the tools necessary to navigate the complexities of GDPR, this startup enables them to protect user data, enhance privacy practices, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Free Bet King: A Gateway to the World of Online Gaming

Free Bet King serves as a comprehensive portal and affiliate marketing site for online casino, poker, bingo, and sports betting. This startup helps users navigate the expansive world of online gaming, providing valuable information, promotional offers, and unbiased reviews. Free Bet King empowers individuals to make informed decisions and enhance their online gaming experiences.

SheriffWare: Empowering Digital Security Solutions

SheriffWare is an independent provider of digital security solutions, specializing in cloud security, consumer software, cyber security, and network security. By offering innovative solutions, SheriffWare enables individuals and businesses to safeguard their digital assets and protect against evolving cyber threats. With a focus on trust, reliability, and cutting-edge technology, this startup is shaping the future of digital security.

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uqudo: Enabling Users to Take Control of their Data

uqudo aims to develop cross-border and cross-industry digital ecosystems where users have control over their own data. With a focus on fintech, insurtech, and identity management, uqudo empowers individuals to manage their digital identities and leverage their data securely. By fostering user-centric digital ecosystems, this startup is redefining the relationship between individuals and their data.

Financielle: Empowering Better Investment Decisions

Financielle is an app that provides users with essential financial information to make better investment decisions. By leveraging real-time data and advanced analytics, Financielle equips individuals with the insights they need to navigate the complex world of investments. With a user-friendly interface and personalized recommendations, this app empowers users to optimize their investment strategies.

Org 3D: Innovating Talent Acquisition and Executive Search

Org 3D offers comprehensive talent acquisition, executive search, and recruitment solutions through its cutting-edge software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. With a focus on information technology, recruiting, and software, Org 3D enables businesses to attract and retain top talent efficiently. By leveraging advanced technologies and analytics, this startup is revolutionizing the way organizations approach talent acquisition.

Wunderkind Agency: Driving Success for Technology Businesses

Wunderkind Agency is a B2B marketing agency specializing in assisting technology businesses in building products that resonate with their users. Through strategic advertising and marketing initiatives, Wunderkind Agency helps tech companies establish a strong market presence, engage their target audience, and drive product adoption. With a deep understanding of the technology landscape, this startup empowers businesses to achieve sustainable growth.

Iceberg Media: Navigating the Seas of Digital Marketing

Iceberg Media provides an array of services, including search engine optimization (SEO) and business marketing strategies. By leveraging their expertise in advertising, digital marketing, and internet marketing, Iceberg Media helps businesses navigate the complexities of the digital landscape. With their data-driven approach and innovative marketing strategies, this startup assists clients in reaching their target audience and achieving business objectives.

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Luma: Enhancing Account Management for Businesses

Luma is an internet company that specializes in providing account management and client communication platforms for businesses. By streamlining these processes through their software solutions, Luma empowers businesses to efficiently manage their clients, enhance collaboration, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. With their focus on digital marketing and software engineering, Luma is shaping the future of client management.

Netacea: Mitigating Sophisticated Threats through Intent Analytics

Netacea is a pioneering bot management startup that employs intent analytics powered by machine learning to combat sophisticated cyber threats. By analyzing user behavior and intent, Netacea identifies and mitigates malicious activities, safeguarding businesses from potential attacks. With a comprehensive suite of security solutions and a commitment to innovation, Netacea is at the forefront of the cybersecurity landscape.


Manchester’s internet startup scene is brimming with innovation and disruption across various industries. From digital currencies to edtech, ecommerce platforms to cybersecurity solutions, these fifteen startups are reshaping traditional paradigms and driving progress in the digital age. With their visionary founders and cutting-edge technologies, these startups exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit that thrives within the vibrant city of Manchester. As they continue to evolve and make a significant impact, their contributions will undoubtedly shape the future of both the local and global economies.

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