Can Deception Technology Be the Next Frontier in Cybersecurity Innovation?

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Key Takeaways:

  • offers an innovative cybersecurity solution that blends deception technology and threat intelligence.
  • The London-based startup effectively uses decoys or traps to protect actual data from data breaches.
  • The company’s unique approach to cybersecurity positions it to revolutionise the industry.
  • Brought to life by Enrico Faccioli and Matt Holland, started its journey from London in 2021.
  • By harnessing the power of deception technology, is redefining cybersecurity, offering a promising avenue for the future of this sector.

In today’s digital age, data breaches have increasingly become a pervasive threat to businesses around the world. In response to escalating cyber vulnerabilities, London-based startup has emerged as a reckoning cybersecurity force. The company is buoyed by the twin powers of deception technology and threat intelligence. Founded in 2021 by Enrico Faccioli and Matt Holland, offers a comprehensive solution that helps businesses combat data leaks and cybercrime threats.’s advanced platform enables detection of unnoticed data leakage incidents, which significantly curtails incident costs. By laying traps of decoys to trick cybercriminals into interacting with fake data, effectively protects actual, valuable data from being compromised.

The differentiation of lies in its unique approach to cybersecurity. Instead of executing traditional defense mechanisms against cyber threats, employs an active deception strategy to mitigate breaches. It uses decoys to lure and trap potential cyberattackers, leading to their detection and isolation before they can access real data. This not only reduces the impact of a cyberattack but also provides valuable intelligence on the tools, tactics, and procedures used by the attackers.

Read more from UKT News:  Is Bio-Decontamination the Future of Environmental Engineering Services? also stands out because of its integration of threat intelligence with deception technology. This means that, in addition to detecting potential threats, also equips organisations with the much-needed insights into the evolving landscape of cyber threats. Such a combined approach not only ensures effective threat detection and protection but also enhances the businesses’ preparedness against future cyber threats.

Looking towards the future, is poised to drastically reshape the field of cybersecurity. By introducing an innovative mechanism in the form of deception technology, it is signalling new frontiers in cybersecurity innovation. By tricking cybercriminals into interacting with decoys, can help businesses keep their valuable data safe and secure, thereby improving cybersecurity measures. With more corporations waking up to the latent possibilities of deception technology, the future holds immense promise for this cybersecurity startup.

As it continues to undermine the conventional approach to cybersecurity, is paving the way for the future of secure digital landscapes. Its novel approach stands testament to the dynamic possibilities of this sector. Follow on social media to keep up-to-date with their progress on this journey towards redefining cybersecurity. Connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn and on their official website.

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