Game Changers: 15 Consulting Startups Shaking Up Hampshire’s Business Landscape

Driving Growth, Efficiency, and Transformation: Hampshire's Consulting Startups.

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Hampshire, located in the southern part of the United Kingdom, is a region brimming with entrepreneurial energy and innovation. In recent years, the consulting industry has witnessed a significant surge, fueled by a diverse range of startups offering cutting-edge solutions and expert guidance. These consulting firms cater to various sectors, from cybersecurity and data integration to marketing and environmental sustainability. In this article, we explore 15 captivating consulting startups that are making waves in Hampshire and beyond.

Evalian®: Empowering Businesses through Data Protection and Cybersecurity

Evalian® is a leading management consulting firm that specializes in data protection, penetration testing, cyber security, and ISO certification services. Their comprehensive suite of solutions ensures that businesses can navigate the complex landscape of information security with confidence. By integrating robust cybersecurity measures, Evalian® empowers organizations to safeguard their digital assets and protect sensitive data from malicious threats.

Fleet Safety Management: Pioneering Safety Solutions for Organizations

Fleet Safety Management is an esteemed consulting startup that focuses on enhancing safety measures within organizations. With their expertise in management consulting, they assist companies in implementing effective safety protocols and risk management strategies. By prioritizing employee well-being and optimizing fleet operations, Fleet Safety Management enables businesses to create a secure working environment and minimize potential hazards.

MESEJ: Accelerating Growth through Rapid Diagnostics and Advisory Services

MESEJ is a prominent consulting company that offers rapid diagnostics and accelerated advisory services to business leaders. Their data-driven approach provides valuable insights into organizational challenges and opportunities, enabling leaders to make informed decisions swiftly. With an emphasis on consulting, management consulting, and risk management, MESEJ equips businesses with the knowledge and strategies necessary to drive growth and achieve long-term success.

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A New Normal: Driving Diversity and Inclusion in Business

A New Normal is a business consulting firm dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion within organizations. Through their expert consulting services, they guide businesses in creating inclusive work environments and implementing practices that celebrate diversity. A New Normal’s innovative solutions ensure that businesses thrive by embracing diversity, attracting top talent, and fostering an inclusive culture that fuels creativity and innovation.

TrustQuay: Maximizing Efficiency and Compliance in Corporate Services

TrustQuay is a consulting firm that specializes in corporate services and fund administration. With a focus on maximizing efficiencies, reducing costs, and ensuring compliance, TrustQuay empowers organizations to streamline their operations. Their expertise in consulting, information services, and information technology enables clients to navigate complex regulatory landscapes seamlessly, ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulations.

Ei Square: Enabling Data Integration for Informed Decision-Making

Ei Square is a data management consulting firm that enables businesses to collect, cleanse, and integrate data from different software sources. By harnessing the power of data integration, Ei Square empowers organizations to make informed decisions, gain valuable insights, and drive strategic growth. Their expertise in data center automation, data integration, and management consulting makes them a trusted partner for businesses aiming to leverage data as a strategic asset.

H&W Marketing: Unlocking Business Potential through Strategic Marketing

H&W Marketing offers comprehensive marketing packages to business professionals seeking to maximize their reach and impact. By handling marketing activities, H&W Marketing allows entrepreneurs to focus on delivering their services and expertise, rather than spending valuable time on customer acquisition. With their expertise in advertising, consulting, and marketing, H&W Marketing assists startups in creating compelling marketing strategies that drive growth and generate results.

Paribus 365: Streamlining CRM and Data Management with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Paribus 365 provides an innovative data quality solution centered around Microsoft Dynamics 365. Their consulting expertise in information technology and software ensures seamless CRM searching and efficient duplicate data management. Paribus 365’s services enable businesses to optimize their data management processes, enhance customer relationships, and unlock the full potential of their CRM systems.

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Ecologi: Championing Environmental Sustainability through Tree Planting

Ecologi is a consulting startup that takes an active role in combating climate change. Their mission focuses on planting trees and funding the world’s best climate crisis solutions. By partnering with businesses and individuals, Ecologi encourages sustainable practices, supports renewable energy projects, and actively contributes to global reforestation efforts. With a strong foothold in environmental consulting, Ecologi strives to create a greener future for generations to come.

Newsteer Real Estate Advisers: Empowering Real Estate Development

Newsteer Real Estate Advisers is a consulting firm specializing in development consultancy, lease advisory, and transactional services. Their expertise in advice, construction, and consulting enables businesses to navigate the intricacies of the real estate market. By providing strategic insights and innovative solutions, Newsteer Real Estate Advisers helps clients make informed decisions, optimize property portfolios, and drive successful real estate ventures.

Topodium: Empowering Sports, Health, and Fitness Ventures

Topodium is a dynamic agency specializing in sports, health, and fitness. As a creative agency, they offer a range of services, including advertising, brand marketing, consulting, and marketing. Topodium assists businesses in effectively positioning themselves within the competitive sports and fitness landscape. Through innovative strategies and comprehensive marketing campaigns, Topodium helps clients amplify their brand presence, engage their target audience, and drive business growth.

Product Smart: Unleashing Innovation through Product Management Consultancy

Product Smart is a creative product management consultancy that focuses on helping businesses thrive. Leveraging their expertise in consulting, information services, and information technology, Product Smart provides valuable insights and guidance to optimize product development processes. By offering strategic advice, market analysis, and customer-centric approaches, Product Smart empowers startups to create innovative products that meet market demands and drive profitability.

Kerdos International: Driving Sales Success through Demand Generation

Kerdos International specializes in demand generation and outsourced sales services. By combining their expertise in advertising, consulting, outsourcing, and sales, Kerdos International helps businesses accelerate their sales pipelines and drive revenue growth. Their comprehensive approach includes strategic planning, lead generation, and sales enablement strategies, empowering organizations to achieve their sales targets and establish a robust market presence.

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The Firebird Partnership: Fueling Growth in Travel, Leisure, and Education

The Firebird Partnership is a growth consultancy catering to the travel, leisure, and education sectors. Their expertise in advice, consulting, and financial services empowers businesses to overcome challenges and seize growth opportunities. By providing valuable insights, strategic planning, and financial guidance, The Firebird Partnership supports organizations in developing robust growth strategies, fostering innovation, and achieving sustainable success.

Six Sevens Solutions: Agile IT Solutions for Data-driven Businesses

Six Sevens Solutions is an IT firm specializing in agile data solutions. Their expertise in consulting, information technology, and software enables businesses to leverage data effectively and drive actionable insights. By implementing cutting-edge technologies and data-driven methodologies, Six Sevens Solutions helps organizations optimize their IT infrastructure, enhance data management practices, and unlock the full potential of their data assets.


Hampshire’s vibrant startup ecosystem is home to a multitude of consulting startups that are revolutionizing various industries. From cybersecurity and data integration to marketing and environmental sustainability, these innovative firms are driving growth, efficiency, and transformation for businesses in Hampshire and beyond. By harnessing their expertise, organizations can navigate complex challenges, unlock new opportunities, and achieve sustainable success in today’s dynamic business landscape. As Hampshire continues to thrive as a hub for consulting innovation, these startups serve as beacons of inspiration, offering invaluable solutions to the diverse needs of businesses across industries.

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