Which Are England’s Pioneering Energy Startups Shaping the Future in 2023?

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The energy sector is undergoing a fundamental transformation globally. Driven by innovative technologies and evolving market dynamics, new startups are emerging, offering a broad array of solutions to challenges in energy supply, distribution, and consumption. Particularly in England, the heart of the United Kingdom, these fledgling companies are playing increasingly important roles in shaping the future of energy. They range from artificial intelligence (AI)-based platforms to battery manufacturers, and from renewable energy consultants to developers of energy efficiency applications and services.

The energy startups in England are not just leading the charge in renewable energy but are also pioneering new technologies and approaches in sectors like artificial intelligence, big data, manufacturing, transportation, and more. Throughout this pool of innovation, distinct commonalities emerge – an overall focus on sustainability, the use of digitalization, and a dedication to improving operational efficiencies

In this article, we will be spotlighting 15 such UK-based energy startups, exploring their unique offerings, and delving into how they are revolutionizing the country’s energy landscape.

USIO Energy

USIO Energy is shaping the future of energy by building an energy company centered on AI. Co-founded by Vincent Tuk, USIO Energy utilizes AI to provide perfectly matched electricity and gas supply to users according to their lifestyles.

Zenobe Energy

As the largest independent owner and operator of battery storage in the UK, Zenobe Energy, co-founded by James Basden, Nicholas Beatty, and Steven Meersman, is at the forefront of the energy storage revolution.

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Midas Investment Group Limited

Midas Investment Group Limited (MIIG) is a privately-owned investment group that supports smart and sustainable companies through strategic investments.

Metis Labs

Enhancing the performance of manufacturing processes using intelligent software is the main business of Metis Labs. Co-founded by Alex Appelbe and Bashir Beikzadeh, their solutions aim to bring about enhanced energy efficiency in manufacturing.

Electric Miles

Intelligent Internet of Energy Charging Platform, Electric Miles, led by co-founder Arun Anand, is driving the shift towards sustainable electric vehicles through innovative software.


Startup Signol, co-founded by Dan White, Daniel White, and Robert Metcalfe, develops software to enhance fuel efficiency by analysing operational data.

UK Business Energy

London-based UK Business Energy is an energy comparison startup, helping businesses connect with reputable suppliers of business gas and electricity.


Co-founded by Farid Tariq, Moshiel Biton, and Vladimir Yufit, Addionics redefines the future of batteries with their next-generation 3D battery architecture and engineering.


Zeigo, co-founded by Juan Pablo Cerda, is a climate-tech platform connecting the supply and demand of renewable energy across the globe.

National Energy Holdings

Developing, financing, and operating renewable assets is the primary focus of National Energy Holdings.

Liquid Logical

Patented technology from Liquid Logical, founded by Timothy Popov, instantly brings water to the boiling point, marking a breakthrough in energy efficiency.

Lake Parime

Founded by Sath Ganesarajah, Lake Parime focuses on developing energy-efficient, long-lasting infrastructure to support the decentralized computing that aligns with the future demands of the blockchain and IT industries.

Clean Planet Energy

Clean Planet Energy, co-founded by Adel Louertatani, offers solutions to both the plastic and carbon crises by converting non-recyclable plastics into ultra-clean fuel.

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EcoNomad Solutions

EcoNomad Solutions, co-founded by Alexander Demenko and Ilan Adler, is an agritech startup forging a novel way to sustainable smallholder farming across the world.


Co-founded by Andrew Toumazi, BLOC-X is bringing about a radical transformation in the trading landscape for oil block future markets through their electronic trading software that significantly reduces transaction costs.

These 15 startups have not only sparked a revolution but also illuminated a path towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient future. Their contributions and implications hold major significance for both the energy industry and the UK economy as a whole.

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