Who are Manchester’s Game-Changing Advertising Startups Influencing 2023 Trends?

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Manchester is a city known for it’s pool of innovative talents, eclectic mix of cultures and innovative startups. Among its diverse startup scene, Manchester has seen a surge in startups specializing in advertising. These companies are not just changing the advertising game in the local scene, but also influencing the global market with their unique approaches and techniques. In this article, we take a closer look at some of these companies, their strategies and their contributions to the advertising industry.

The advertising scene in Manchester is one that is constantly evolving with startups continuously pushing boundaries and exploring new opportunities. While this dynamism presents new challenges, it also offers immense opportunities for startups to carve out their own unique spaces in the market. The following startups have not only embraced these challenges, but have also managed to distinguish themselves through their unique offerings and innovative approaches.

In no particular order, here are fifteen notable advertising startups from Manchester that are making their mark in the industry. Each with a unique strategy and approach, they are collectively shaping the future of advertising in Manchester and beyond.


Vironic is bringing programmatic video advertising to the next level. Co-founders Dean Carni and Dima Os have combined their expertise in mobile apps, TV, and video advertising to create dynamic campaigns that captivate audiences.

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OVC – outdoor visual communications

OVC is revolutionising outdoor advertising in Manchester. By creatively using billboards and mobile advertising platforms, they deliver engaging and high-impact advertising campaigns.

Free Bet King

As a gambling, marketing and sports industry specialist, Free Bet King uses affiliate marketing to promote online casino, poker, bingo, and sports betting opportunities.

P&B Social

P&B Social is an engaging provider of diversified social media marketing services. They offer consultation, content creation, social media advertising, and account management.


StraightIn is a marketing agency which focuses on profile optimisation, audience profiling and content marketing, using platforms like blogs and email marketing.


With a bold approach to branding and content marketing, Offended, co-founded by Dan Kelsall offers guerrilla marketing strategies that leave a remarkable impact on their target audience.

IN Business Ninjas

IN Business Ninjas employs the power of LinkedIn in boosting sales and delivering exceptional advertising and digital marketing strategies.


lipstick is a social media marketing agency that offers unique social media advertising solutions, ensuring brands stand out from their competition.


Leading the way in web design and marketing, Partisan provides premier advertising solutions which leverage the power of online platforms.

Black Bear Digital

Black Bear Digital is a digital marketing and design agency based in Manchester, providing distinct digital advertising solutions.

Tello Digital

Tello Digital masters the realm of digital marketing and continuously delivers innovative advertising solutions.

Brand Love Solutions

Brand Love Solutions presents digital marketing consultancy services, guiding brands in navigating the complex landscape of digital marketing.

Heavygate Marketing

Heavygate Marketing offers a range of digital marketing services, ensuring brands reach their audience effectively and efficiently.

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The GO! Network

The GO! Network provides consultancy services aimed at strengthening the relationship between brands and agencies, crucial for any successful marketing campaign.

ValueStack Marketing

ValueStack Marketing, a digital marketing and social media marketing company, optimizes the use of internet tools to reach a global audience effectively.

In conclusion, Manchester, with its wealth of innovative and unique advertising startups, remains at the forefront of the industry. Whether it be harnessing the power of social media, capitalizing on the appeal of high-impact outdoor visuals, or championing unique marketing strategies, these startups are actively shaping the future of advertising in the region and beyond.

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