Who Are 2023’s Most Influential UK Startups?

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The United Kingdom is home to a number of innovative web hosting startups that have begun to revolutionize the industry. Ranging from game, web service hosting, to cloud management, these new companies are bringing fresh ideas and implementing advanced technology. Here are 15 internet web hosting startups in the UK that are making their mark.

Each of these startups have found their unique niche in the crowded market. Whether it is offering custom hardware design or managing IT services, these companies are making their presence known in the industry. It is clear that the digital revolution in the UK is being led by these innovative startups.

Carefully read on to get more information about each startup, including information about their founders, services, and recognize the expansive and rich variety in the UK’s web hosting sector.

Krypton Networks

With a central focus on the gaming industry, Krypton Networks offers game hosting services alongside DDoS protection. Having built a reputation for powerful network speeds, Krypton has effectively carved a niche in the gaming, software, and web hosting industry.

UCW Industries Ltd.

Specialising in IoT prototyping, embedded systems programming, and custom hardware designs, UCW Industries Ltd. offers numerous services in the realms of cloud computing, cloud security, and web hosting.

Media Snug

Media Snug is a startup that revolves around marketing, public relations, design, and web services. Founded by Kerry Haynes, the company operates in the advertising, digital marketing, and web hosting sectors.

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Jaaz Portal

Jaaz Portal is known for its complete, out-of-box, automated web hosting solution that is also licensed as an Open Source. They are active in the Open Source, web design, and web hosting industries.


OperaVPS.com is a company that specializes in VPS and dedicated server hosting. They operate in the realm of information technology, the internet, and web hosting.

Wizard Online Solutions

Wizard Online Solutions provides services such as social media marketing, SEO, and domain registration along with web design and web hosting services.

Orbit Defence

Orbit Defence, founded by Christopher Ainsley Carr, is known for its proficient managed IT services. Their industry specializations include the internet, IT infrastructure, IT management, technical support, and web hosting.

Creative Apple A&M Ltd.

Creative Apple A&M Ltd., founded by Michal (Michael) Woszczyk, is a web design, graphic design and print design agency based in Stockport – Greater Manchester in United Kingdom.

Fameux Hosting LTD.

Founded by Jack Kelly-Bayliss, Fameux Hosting LTD. is changing the landscape of pricing and quality in the cloud computing and web hosting industry with a focus on low prices with high quality.


Strobar, founded by Jordan Jones, is notable for its cloud hosting services with 100% SSDs. Strobar also offers domain names in the software platform and
web hosting sectors.


MyGreatHost provides hassle-free web hosting solutions, excelling in the web hosting industry.

Byzia Corporation

Byzia Corporation, led by founder Toni Kovač, is an up and coming UK-based company succeeding Byzia Technology LTD. They operate in the cybersecurity, IT, internet, telecommunications and web hosting sectors.

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Webgenius, under the leadership of founder Jacobo Guerra, offers web hosting, AI hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS hosting. Their services further extend to cloud hosting, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and AIaaS.

Dogs Bollocks | Next-Gen Digital Marketing

Leading from the front are founders Alan Mihailovits, John Mamelok, and William Hale of Dogs Bollocks | Next-Gen Digital Marketing, a digital web and marketing agency that offers a fully inclusive marketing service and tailored website development.


Founded by Dan Sheridan, Sherimedia specializes in social media marketing, content strategy, media analytics, web hosting, and event management services.

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