Which Influential UK Travel Accommodations Startups are Reshaping England in 2023?

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There’s a burgeoning startup scene in the UK—and it’s not just limited to high-brow tech in London. Startups are flourishing across every sector, especially the travel accommodations industry. These diverse companies range from room shares and flats to hotels and hostels, showcasing the dynamic and innovative nature across the sphere. Customer focus, personalized services and intuitive user experiences are built into their core, and it’s this authenticity that sets them apart.

Here, we explore 15 noteworthy English startups that are revolutionizing the travel accommodations scene. From student housing solutions to split payments for group travel, these startups have one thing in common – making travel and accommodation seamless and hassle-free for everyone.

A synergy of technology and travel convenience is what these companies deliver to their users. Read on to discover how, in their unique ways, these enterprises continue to elevate the standard for travel experiences:


Fruumi is all about connecting individuals to create great shared homes. It’s an ethos steeped in community-driven ideals where roommates and property owners can find each other. Its industry focuses on apps, sharing economy, and travel accommodations.


Top travel bloggers curate trips on GoHype. This mobile platform allows people to browse, customise, and book these special trips. It operates in the sectors of Leisure, Mobile, Mobile Apps, Travel, and Travel Accommodations.


Specializing in professional technology for business travel, AltoVita is designed with a human-centric approach to cater to the corporate accommodations sector. Its services span Business Travel, Rental Property, Software, Travel, and Travel Accommodations.

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HostelPass is a travel app that provides pre-paid passes for accommodation. It operates across Apps, Leisure, Tourism, Travel, and Travel Accommodations.


A leading-edge travel and mobility technology company, Azonica powers a portfolio of travel products and platforms worldwide with the goal of connecting the world. Its industry focus lies in Big Data, Personalization, Travel, and Travel Accommodations.

Let’s GoDo

Let’s GoDo is a unique host for travel experiences. Its industry involvement spans Hospitality, Travel, Travel Accommodations, and Travel Agency.

Muslims Holy Travel

Muslims Holy Travel is a standout Umrah and Hajj travel company that prioritizes halal holiday services for their customers. It operates in the sectors of Tourism, Travel Accommodations, and Travel Agency.


Niche mobile app BACK YARD allows users to explore and share venues by the day or hour. It’s associated with the industries of Hospitality, Mobile Apps, Sharing Economy, and Travel Accommodations.


Focusing on FinTech, Information Technology, Payments, Social, Software, Ticketing, Travel, and Travel Accommodations, SPLT provides a handy integrated payment system designed to simplify payments for group expenses.


Student-focused Ocxee offers assistance ranging from accommodation and transport to job placement. Ocxee operates across the Consulting, Education, Marketplace, and Travel Accommodations sectors.


Specializing in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Hospitality, Real Estate Investment, Sharing Economy, and Travel Accommodations, Vivot introduces a fresh approach to renting, buying, and selling through the tokenization of high-value property assets.


Designed for remote teams in the Business Travel, Hospitality, Travel, Travel Accommodations, and Wellness industries, NextRetreat promotes a sense of unity among remote working colleagues.


WeFindFlats offers assistance to newly arrived professionals and students in finding accommodation in Berlin. It operates in the Real Estate and Travel Accommodations sector.

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The blockchain-friendly travel booking platform Flysio operates across Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Hospitality, Information Technology, Internet, Tourism, Travel, Travel Accommodations, and Travel Agency.

AfriSplash Remotely

As the gateway to Africa’s remote workforce, AfriSplash Remotely is a marketplace for AI-powered talent matching for global startups and African talents. It operates within Consulting, Coworking, Human Resources, Marketplace, and Travel Accommodations.

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