Who are the Pioneering Automotive Startups Transforming UK’s Roadways in 2023?

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The automotive industry in the UK has a rich history, from the birth of the first petrol-driven car to today’s cutting-edge innovation in autonomous vehicles and electric technology. Shaping this future are various established companies and innovative startups, which continue to push the boundaries of technology, design and functionality. Below are some of the most interesting automotive startups and companies changing the course of the UK’s automobile landscape.

Each startup in this article showcases a unique aspect of the automotive industry- some are pioneering the digital revolution in the auto world, while others are striving for sustainability through electric vehicles. Combining innovation with entrepreneurial spirit, these startups are disrupting the automotive industry in exciting and meaningful ways. So sit back, click through to their websites, and watch this space- these are the UK automotive startups that are driving into the future!

From garage management systems to vehicle data monetisation to even waste management, there’s so much diversity in startup activity within the UK’s auto industry. Here’s a closer look at each of these innovative companies and what they have to offer.

Auto Garage Network Ltd

This startup, named Auto Garage Network Ltd, is revolutionising the way garage management is done in the UK. It provides an online solution that handles booking, vehicle technical data management, and much more! The startup has integrated Automotive, Information Technology and Internet.

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With its roots in artificial intelligence, Mindtrace provides impressive tech solutions to automate quality, safety and production systems in various industry sectors, including automotive. Kamelia Dimova and Michael Denham are the brains behind this innovative startup.


Synaptiv is a connected car platform that helps fleets and car makers monetise the data generated by their connected vehicles. Foounded by Matt Lewis, this startup works in Analytics, Automotive, and Big Data industries.


bidMAZE offers a unique solution for auctioning used and unwanted things including automotive items, completely revolutionising the way second-hand items are dealt with.

OxMet Technologies

OxMet Technologies is bringing significant innovations to the automotive industry by developing, licensing, and manufacturing proprietary alloys, alloy powders and alloy components.

Gary Fixter Motoring

Gary Fixter is a rising figure in the automotive industry, specialising in transportation within northern England.

Top Deals 4 Wheels

An online car buying service, Top Deals 4 Wheels is making the process of buying and selling cars easier and more efficient for everyone involved.


Mixing the automotive sector with IT, MLKPROJECT dedicates itself to car design enthusiasts, providing a platform for car lovers and experts alike.


Autofixa is utilising technology to become a leading automotive marketplace for parts, partnering with multiple OEM’s, Brands and Retailers.


Onto is taking the electric vehicle industry by storm with their subscription-based model for driving electric cars. Giving people the convenience of modern technology without any hassles.

Litta iOs app

By leveraging technology to manage waste with a high recycle rate, the Litta iOs app is a startup addressing environmental sustainability, while also providing a service to motorists.

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Urban Electric Networks

Building essential infrastructure for the mass adoption of electric vehicles in cities and towns across the world is what Urban Electric Networks is doing. Showing that the electric car industry really is the future of automotive.

Advanced Mobility Research and Development (AMRD) Ltd

Advanced Mobility Research and Development (AMRD) Ltd is not just developing electric vehicles, but they are also working on hybrid-electric aircraft. Pushing boundaries and comfort zones to bring new technologies to the forefront.


RoboK, a spin-out from Cambridge University, is working on building cost-effective 3D sensing algorithms optimised for low-power computing platforms.

Electric Miles

Finally, the Electric Miles company is developing an intelligent internet of energy charging platform. This future thinking company is one to watch!

In conclusion, each of these startups has something different, disruptive and innovative to offer the automotive industry. Whether it’s through management systems, innovative design, or a unique business model, these companies are paving the way for the future of the automotive industry in the UK and beyond.

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