Who Are the Top Pioneering SME Startups Shaping UK’s Tech Scene?

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As the startup ecosystem continues to thrive in the United Kingdom, a number of innovative small and medium businesses (SMEs) have emerged recently. These companies are leading the way with unique products and services providing solutions in various industries. In this article, you will get to know 15 exciting startups from the UK – their story, what they do, and a glimpse into the passionate people behind these businesses.

Digistak Marketing

Digistak Marketing is a B2B content marketing agency that specializes in technology and advertising. Leveraging their creativity and domain expertise – this firm excels in boosting clients’ brand presence in their target markets, making them one of the burgeoning businesses in the UK’s advertising and marketing industry. The founders of Digistak Marketing continue to pave their path towards growth with their shared passion for marketing and in-depth industry knowledge.

Installers hub

Co-founded by Miguel Luna, Installers hub is a B2B digital hub committed to simplifying the home improvement process. From finding tradespeople to sourcing supplies, this platform has it all, simplifying the process for users and benefitting everyone involved.


Driven by innovation, Solna is redefining the invoicing process for SMEs. Founded by Inna Kaushan and Makera Kigaraba, Solna implements credit scoring data ensuring their customers never miss a payment.


Fiskl, founded by Alina Lapusneanu, Monica Burian and Shawn Vader, has created a comprehensive accounting platform for SME’s. Going global, their financial management software is taking over the conventional methods of finance handling making it user-friendly and accessible.

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Equipment Connect

Equipment Connect is proving to be a groundbreaking marketplace for sourcing, financing, and managing equipment. Co-founded by Eamonn Patrick McMahon and Enzo Zadrima, the platform bridges the gap between businesses and equipment providers.


Founded by Neelendra Nath, Innovitas is an innovation intelligence and design company based in London. With its analytics and business intelligence, it helps businesses grow effectively and responsibly.


QuarterOne is a sales forecasting application for small to medium businesses, designed by Michael Foulkes and Richard Mann. Their simple and user-friendly software has been a game-changer in the area of forecasting sales.


Developed by Anton Tsenov, Ivo Vasilev, Lino Velev, Reloyalty is leveraging Open Banking / PSD2 to turn any bank card into a personalised loyalty card providing a seamless and smart shopping experience for European consumers.


ARKEL is an underwriting agency that provides solutions for both niche and standard insurance products. Their aim is to offer unparalleled insurance solutions to businesses throughout the United Kingdom.


Delivering financial solutions to its customers, Accountables is a fintech platform that is revolutionising the overall financial services for SMEs in the UK.


NatureWall is an e-commerce company that sells wood wall panels and interior decorative products. Their natural and sustainable products are a breath of fresh air in the Home Decor industry.

Knnected Marketing

Offering consultation services for local SMBs, Knnected Marketing is helping businesses grow and prosper. With Kal Di Paola at the forefront, the company is excelling in providing top-notch business development and consulting services.


BlockRules, a blockchain securities platform, promises to resonate the future of secure, global trading. Using blockchain products, it is helping SMEs to steer clear of fraud and work seamlessly.

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MediaMarkup provides a user interface for file markup, collaboration, and approval. By simplifying team collaboration, MediaMarkup aims to boost productivity for businesses across different sectors.

Vantage Infrastructure

Vantage Infrastructure is an infrastructure investment management firm. Their strategic decision-making and investment expertise have led them to become one of the top companies in the infrastructure investment industry.

Each of these small and medium businesses is driven by unique ideas and committed teams. Through their innovative solutions, they’re not only contributing to the UK’s economy but also leading the startup ecosystem towards a promising future.

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