Startup Showcase: Nibble Industries – Social Genie App Grants Your Real World Social Wishes

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Nibble Industries is a promising startup in London, England that has created a social genie app that grants three real world social wishes in one simple platform. With its unique value proposition, Nibble bridges the gap between the virtual and the physical world, helping people meet great people, discover new places, and have a seamless organising experience. This Startup Showcase will explore Nibble’s features, its target market, its revenue streams, and the company’s pre-seed funding plans.

The App That Grants Your Social Wishes

Nibble’s social genie app is an intuitive, AI-powered platform that matches people based on their preferences and interests. The app’s three main features are:

  • Meet: this feature allows users to create or join social events, ranging from casual drinks to cultural experiences, and connect with like-minded people. Nibble’s matchmaking algorithm ensures that the attendees share common interests and personalities, making the events more enjoyable and productive.
  • Discover: this feature suggests new places to explore, from trendy bars to hidden gems, based on the user’s location, mood, and preferences. Nibble’s venue partners offer exclusive deals and tailored experiences that make the user’s journey more exciting and memorable.
  • Organise: this feature simplifies the planning process of social events, from inviting guests to splitting the bill, by offering a one-stop-shop for all the logistics. Nibble’s AI assistant, affectionately called Nibbler, handles the nitty-gritty details, freeing up the user’s time and energy to enjoy the social experience.
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The Target Market: Dating as a Beachhead

While Nibble’s app is suitable for anyone who wants to enhance their social life, the company has chosen dating as its initial target market. The reason is that the dating industry represents a £1bn opportunity in the UK alone, making it a sizable and profitable niche. Moreover, dating involves a relatively low barrier to entry, as many people are already using dating apps and websites to find potential partners. By offering a superior and more holistic dating experience, Nibble aims to capture a significant share of the market and extend its value proposition to long-term relationships and beyond.

The Revenue Streams: B2B and B2C Opportunities

Nibble’s unique value proposition allows the company to generate revenue from various channels and partnerships. While the app itself is free to use, Nibble’s profitability comes from the following sources:

  • Venues: Nibble partners with premium venues to offer exclusive deals and tailored experiences to its users. In return, Nibble receives a commission on the sales generated from the app. The venue partnerships range from bars to museums, making Nibble’s offering diverse and appealing to various segments.
  • Advertising: Nibble offers a native advertising solution to businesses that want to target its users. The ads are contextually relevant and non-intrusive, adding value to the user experience and generating revenue for Nibble.
  • Premium Features: Nibble plans to offer additional features and services for its users, such as personalised date recommendations, enhanced matchmaking, and concierge service. These features will be available for a fee, adding another revenue stream for Nibble.

The Pre-Seed Funding: Growing Nibble’s Beachhead Markets

Nibble is currently raising pre-seed funding to establish its presence in its beachhead markets and expand its user base. The company’s team is composed of experienced entrepreneurs and advisors who bring diverse skill sets and networks to the table. Nibble is looking for investors who share its vision and want to participate in the social revolution that Nibble aims to create. If you’re interested in joining Nibble’s journey, please visit their website and social media channels to learn more about the company and its mission.

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Nibble Industries’ social genie app is a promising startup that offers a refreshing and comprehensive solution to the perennial problem of socialising. By granting users their real-world social wishes, Nibble aims to enrich people’s lives and create a more connected and enjoyable world. With its diverse revenue streams, target market, and pre-seed funding plans, Nibble has the potential to become a leading player in the social industry and make a positive impact on society. Are you ready to take a nibble from the social genie app?





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