Startup Showcase: Rackle Industries – Instant Neobanking wherever you are

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Introducing Rackle, the London-based neobank enabler that offers a plug-and-play solution that enables players to go live with a neobank solution in just a matter of weeks. Rackle Industries aims to revolutionize the fintech industry by providing banking services outside of their jurisdiction, giving businesses a chance to operate globally.

Rackle’s Mission

Rackle’s mission is straightforward: to enable businesses to launch a neobank quickly at a fraction of the cost of a traditional bank. The London-based startup offers clients the option to go live in various jurisdictions without need of license, ensuring easy access to banking services in Europe, the United Kingdom, and beyond. Rackle’s innovative approach shortens the integration time and reduces costs, which would increase the growth of the market and the variety of innovations.

Strategic Partnership with Solarisbank

Rackle has already partnered with Solarisbank, a Berlin-based tech company, in its effort to enable businesses to operate in Europe. It provides the necessary integration that will enable neobanks to combine access to banking licenses, banking services, and APIs. This partnership simplifies the process and provides the necessary resources to launch a neobank across the European Union.

The Future of Rackle

Rackle is currently exploring the possibility of extending its service globally, marking a significant shift in the fintech sector. Their ultimate goal is to serve more businesses worldwide, providing them with easy access to banking services.


Rackle’s innovative take on neobanks is an excellent solution for companies seeking to enter the fintech market with minimal complications. With its strategic partnership with Solarisbank, Rackle aims to make financial services more accessible to businesses, no matter where they are.

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