Startup Showcase: PORGiESOFT – Combining AI, Cybersecurity & Data for Smarter Fraud Detection

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As fraud continues to rise in today’s digital-first world, businesses are turning to advanced technology solutions to help detect suspicious activities and potential data breaches. Cambridge-based PORGiESOFT is a leading AI startup focused on cybersecurity research, data analytics and machine learning, as well as natural language processing (NLP), to help businesses better detect and mitigate fraud.

PORGiESOFT: A Brief Overview

Founded in 2018, PORGiESOFT is a fast-growing AI start-up looking to help businesses prevent and detect fraudulent activities more effectively. Through its proprietary platform, the company is able to rapidly process and analyse suspicious or fraudulent data sets and identify potential risks, allowing users to take immediate action. With its mission to use smart machines to automate the otherwise time-consuming process of fraud detection, PORGiESOFT has already helped businesses streamline operations, while improving compliance and increasing overall safety.

Combining Machine Learning with NLP

PORGiESOFT’s solution is based on the premise that detecting and preventing fraud is more effective when various machine learning algorithms such as neural networks, support vector machines and decision trees are fused with natural language processing (NLP) techniques. By harnessing the power of AI, PORGiESOFT’s algorithms can provide faster and more accurate data insights, which can be used to detect suspicious activities across different channels including email, SMS, and more.

Streamlining Fraud Detection: The SenseText™ Advantages

PORGiESOFT’s main product is the SenseText™ platform, which is designed to streamline fraud detection processes within businesses. It enables employees to carry out hundreds of automated checks on suspicious emails and text messages, allowing them to carry out transactions with more confidence. This platform is designed for large organisations and financial institutions that have to deal with a large volume of payment transactions, supporting their efforts to reduce risk and ensure compliance with data protection laws and regulations.

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The Future of PORGiESOFT: Aiming to be the Leading Fraud Detection AI Provider

As the threat of fraud continues to evolve, PORGiESOFT is positioning itself as a leading AI provider, delivering more intelligent analytics and NLP solutions which can help companies to detect and prevent fraud more quickly and effectively. In the coming years, PORGiESOFT plans to expand and scale its operations, building on its success so far to become the go-to AI startup for fraud detection solutions in the UK, and beyond.


As fraud detection remains a top concern for businesses globally, demand for AI-based solutions is expected to rise in the coming years. PORGiESOFT is poised to be a leading startup in this space, offering a cutting-edge fraud prevention platform that is based on natural language processing techniques, state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and cyber security tactics. By providing customers with faster, more accurate and easy-to-use solutions, the startup is set to disrupt the industry and take on larger competitors head-on.


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