Startup Showcase: Swapi – Revolutionizing the Loyalty and Gift Card Industry

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Are you tired of being restricted to using your loyalty points or gift cards with one brand only? Do you find yourself letting them expire because you can never find anything you like? Swapi, a London-based startup, has the solution to all your problems.

Swapi is the only digital wallet in the world that allows users to swap their loyalty points, cashback, and gift cards between various brands. In simple words, you can combine all your reward balances in one place and use them freely wherever and whenever you want.

What is Swapi and How Does it Work?

Swapi allows users to use their loyalty rewards, cashback, and gift cards from their favourite brands, even if the balances are low. All the user has to do is download the Swapi app or sign up through their website and link their loyalty accounts to the Swapi digital wallet.

Once connected, users can swap their rewards and balances for other brands that may have more appealing products or services. They can even swap their points for cash, donate them to charity, or trade them for NFTs.

Swapi also provides a platform for brands to reduce their loyalty points and gift card liability. This way, brands can avoid the negative impact of expiry dates and engage customers in a targeted and personalized manner.

The Benefits of Using Swapi

Swapi aims to create an ecosystem for customers to swap into other points-based programs, products, gift cards, and promotions. Users will always be able to get value for their points, and brands can unlock additional value from existing customers.

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Swapi’s ecosystem of brands can also help reduce customer churn and acquire new customers at a fraction of the usual Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). Brands can enjoy more effective marketing campaigns and higher customer retention, thanks to Swapi’s innovative approach.

What’s Next for Swapi?

Swapi is at the forefront of creating a new industry trend, and their journey has only just begun. They aim to expand their ecosystem to include other points-based programs, impacting numerous industries’ customer loyalty programs globally.

With Swapi, users are not restricted to one brand, and brands are not limited in engaging with new and existing customers. Swapi provides a win-win solution to the longstanding problem of loyalty rewards and gift cards.


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