What are Surrey’s Most Influential Software Startups and Companies in 2023?

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In the vibrant technological atmosphere of Surrey, United Kingdom, a flurry of ingenious software startups has been making waves within the industry. Each offers unique solutions, achieving outstanding feats in their respective niches – from voice tech development to business transformation assistance. Immerse yourself in this article as we dig deeper into the crux of their operations, their unique selling points, and the brilliant minds behind their inception.

The county of Surrey houses a mix of companies oriented in industries like gaming, marketing, security, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, and more. These organizations contribute greatly to Surrey’s booming tech sector, marking a strong presence in the startup ecosystem of the UK.

In this article, we will uncover the amazing strides these software companies have made, spotlighting fifteen of Surrey’s rising software startups. Behind each innovative solution is a passionate founder or team offering extraordinary services to meet the needs of users globally.


Founded by Richard Matthews, Vocala crafts voice-based technology for the globally recognized Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Their primary industry encompasses Software and Casual Games, bringing a fresh take on how we view game development in this day and age.


ZOKRI is the brainchild of founders David Allan, Martin Armstrong, and Matt Roberts. This SaaS company effortlessly outperforms the handling of business transformation and growth by removing operational frictions. Their industry extends to Apps, Marketing, Sales, and Software.

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Synamedia is a household name in the United Kingdom, providing video and content security software services. This industry leader in Security, Software, and Video continues to redefine its sector.

Ai Video

Fast-growing company AI Video provides top-tier, service-based software solutions. They have stamped their authority in industries such as Artificial Intelligence, Identity Management, Information Technology, and Software.


Cocotec is a software developer that creates tools to assist programmers in creating superior products. It finds its niche within Information Services, Information Technology, and Software.


Enquirybot seamlessly converts website visitors into customers, thanks to its automated chatbot and sales management system. It has gained recognition within the industry of E-commerce, Sales, and Software.

Video Puppet

Video Puppet allows its users to fashion video clips from an image file, align audio and video segments, add narration, and captions. Its ingenuity is seen through the industries of Audio, Software, and Video Editing.


The software development agency, WeCodePlus, excels within the Software and Web Development industry.

Automated Markets

With founders Robert Aitchison, Rory Kermack, and Sam Gamble at the helm, Automated Markets has positioned itself as a specialist technology company. They bring pioneering innovations from emerging technologies to businesses across multiple sectors.

Quirinus Solutions Ltd

Quirinus Solutions Ltd, an IT company, specializes in top-notch Website, Software, App Development services & Digital Marketing solutions.

Full Clarity Ltd

Headed by Ed Kemp and Jon Hewines, Full Clarity Ltd deals in data-driven web & mobile apps for startups. They hold their grounds in the Creative Agency, Internet, Software, UX Design, and Web Development spheres.

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Spearheaded by Prad Thiruvenkatanathan and Tommy Langnes, Lytt aims to transform the future of energy through advanced analytics. They operate within the industries of Analytics, Energy, Oil and Gas, and Software.

Pink Chilli

Pink Chilli offers software development and business systems product services. It has made its presence felt within the industries of Information Technology, Property Management, and Software.


In the hands of founder Philip Russmeyer, FITFILE is broadening the reach and value of health data research. It operates in the industries of Health Care, Information Technology, Software, and Therapeutics.


Operating as an IT company, Amarti offers solutions in engineering, operations, cloud management, and more. It finds its stronghold within industries such as Cloud Computing, Consulting, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, and Software.

The thriving software startup ecosystem in Surrey, UK represents a plethora of opportunities, innovations, and technological advancements, forming a robust community that continues to grow and inspire. These highlighted companies present a promising narrative, taking digital transformation to the next level.

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