Which London Marketplace Startups Are Transforming UK’s eCommerce Landscape in 2023?

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The thriving start-up scene in the United Kingdom features a mix of innovative companies dedicated to disrupting their respective industries. From art prints to logistics, these London-based firms are making a name for themselves in the business landscape. Here’s a closer look at these trailblazing entrepreneurs and the businesses they’ve built:


Ayok’a is an online marketplace with a unique and inclusive mission: to showcase and sell art prints, fashion, and tech accessories crafted by black artists. The company, launched by founder Alice Gbelia, is making strides in the Retail and Marketplace sectors, proving that a curated selection can make a world of difference.


Founded by Jacob Corlett, Shift is an on-demand technology platform built for both consumers and businesses. Focusing heavily on logistics, the company employs Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Apps, and Software integration in their quest to redefine how logistics is viewed and approached.


Henri Winand and Jean-Michel Paul started AkinovA, an electronic marketplace that enables the transfer and trading of (re)insurance risks. Utilising technology to disrupt the traditional methods, AkinovA is surging forward in the Enterprise Software, Fintech, Insurance, and Marketplace sectors.


Lee-Anne Eastwood and Dean Eastwood founded Villge, a community of support for families and those working with them. Beyond being a marketplace, Villge permeates the Association, Education, and Health Care industry.

Collection Hub

Collection Hub is a marketplace for debt collection. This transformative platform connects global companies that are struggling with unpaid account receivables with local debt collectors. Simone Bertolone is the driving force behind this fresh approach to a challenging problem.

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Starting from the idea of a SaaS-enabled marketplace for kids’ activities, founders Dmitry Papulin, Elizaveta (Liza) Vratskikh, and Vitaly Kovalev have launched Kidkin, a platform forging new ground in the Apps, EdTech, and Marketplace sectors.

Hotel Treats

Providing a SaaS e-commerce platform for luxury hotels, Hotel Treats offers a marketplace for gift vouchers and experiences. Founders Bogdan Dziewierz, Kasia Pankowska, and Liza Iakovleva are creating a unique and flexible offering for the Hospitality and Marketplace industries.

InsureX Technologies

Embracing the blockchain revolution, InsureX Technologies offers an alternative marketplace for insurance solutions. Launched by Cristina Dolan, Ingemar Svensson, and Mikael Olofsson, the platform is quickly disrupting the FinTech, Insurance, and Marketplace sectors.


Autofixa is an automotive marketplace enabling brands and OEMs to distribute parts domestically and globally. Founders Graham Broughton, Joe Tarragano, and Laurence Guy are pioneering a new way to streamline the auto-parts retail process.


Co-founded by Charlie Bullock, Joe Daniels, and Khalid Latief, Scan.com is serving the Health Care, Health Diagnostics, and Marketplace industry with their unique offerings. They are looking to disrupt a world often plagued by inefficient processes and slow diagnostics.


Numeos, a fintech company operating in open banking distribution, is looking to redefine how the B2B, Financial Services, and Marketplace industries operate. Founder Farid Sedjelmaci is on a mission to change the current landscape.


BrandBear is a creative business naming marketplace providing ready-to-launch brand names, domain names, and logos. The company is reconnecting brands with their unique identities in the Advertising, Internet, Marketplace, and Web Design sectors.

The Move Market

Founded by Will Grosett, The Move Market is an online property marketplace bringing together buyers and sellers. This company is changing the face of buying and selling properties in the Real Estate industry with its innovative platform.

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EmptyChair helps people discover and book workshops in London. Thanks to founder Charlotte Leysen, this platform is bringing innovation to the Ediscovery, Education, and Marketplace industries.

Talent Network LDN

Fidel Frimpong’s Talent Network LDN is the UK’s first online marketplace platform for musicians, artists, and performers. A unique offering in the E-commerce, Internet, Marketplace, and Music sectors, the platform is paving the way for talent connection online.

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