Who are London’s Most Influential Property Management Startups in 2023?

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With the rise and growth of the technology sector, many startups are leveraging technology to disrupt traditional ways of managing properties. Known as PropTech startups, these companies provide innovative and efficient property management solutions. Some utilise artificial intelligence (AI) and automated systems to better manage properties, whilst others offer applications with unique features to aid with rent collection, tenant screening and more. In the heart of the UK, London is home to many of these startups, redefining the property market in the country. Here are some London based property startups making an impact:


Respublica are developers and operators of co-living accommodation. They bring together the two important aspects of property management and property development. Founded by Ravi Sharma and Suraj Sharma, they are making strides in the property management industry.


Houzen uses Computer Vision, AI and finance to help individuals secure homes and grow home equity value. This startup was founded by Saurabh Saxena, intertwining technology with property management.


IDcheck uses biometric screening to provide Know Your Customer (KYC) services in a bid to increase security through identity verification in property management. This startup was founded by Sara Statman.


Also founded by Sara Statman, LetFaster uses automated processes to streamline tenant screening, improving efficiency in property management.

PA Housing

PA Housing offers both rental and independent living housing solutions showing the diversity in types of property management.

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Founded by Oliver Muller, PropertyCard positions itself as the world’s property super app, providing a myriad of property management solutions in one place.


Residently is a mobile application providing property rental services for agents, property managers, and institutional landlords. Founded by Noemi Staehelin, Sam Phillips, and Tom Allason.


Infogrid uses AI technology to automate building management, making managing large buildings more efficient. This startup was founded by William Cowell de Gruchy.


Crowdhaus, a property discovery platform founded by Conan Osborne, Matt Falconer, and Matt Pollen, provides property marketing services to make property acquisition simpler.


Founded by Tom Scarborough, MoveWise harnesses technology to help property sellers efficiently sell their homes.

Apex Housing Group

Apex Housing Group, founded by Muhammad A. Bhatti, specialises in property management and social housing solutions.


GetGround simplifies UK buy-to-let investing through its digital company formation and management platform. The startup was founded by Misrab Faizullah Khan and Moubin Faizullah-Khan.


Starz is a commercial real estate lender that also advises on real estate investments.

Hello Neighbour

Founded by Michael Jenkins and Richard Jenkins, Hello Neighbour offers rental housing and leasing solutions via its technology-driven services.


At a commercial level, Uncoded offers guidance and support in designing and execution for commercial real estate developers.

In conclusion, these startups are not only impacting the property market in the UK, but also setting standards in real estate technology on a global scale. Their innovative solutions are changing the dynamics of property management, resulting in more efficiency and improved services.

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