Who Shapes England’s Top Employee Benefits Startups in 2023?

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The burgeoning employee benefits sector in the UK boasts several exciting and pioneering startups. These organisations aim to enhance the working environment by offering fringe benefits that significantly improve the lifestyles of employees. These benefits help to boost morale, productivity, and job satisfaction, going a long way in improving an organisation’s overall performance. The list below offers a detailed look at some of the most interesting employee benefits startups that England, United Kingdom has to offer:

The evolving landscape of work-life balance and comprehensive employee benefits, largely shaped by UK startups, encompasses a variety of sectors including fitness, fintech, healthcare, and even the gig economy. Below, we present a selection of 15 of the most innovative and exciting players in the Employee Benefits field in the UK.

Please note that while most of the startups mentioned have been co-founded by individuals, the founders have been listed where available. We believe these startups, though varied in terms of service offerings, reflect the future of Employee Benefits in the UK and beyond.


Fiit is a fitness platform that offers on-demand classes, group workouts, and training plans. Founded by Daniel Shellard, Ian McCaig, and Sammi Adhami, Fiit operates in the mobile apps, fitness, and wellness sectors.


SteadyPay, co-founded by John Downie, Oleg Mukanov, and Oleg Mukhanov, is an income smoothing app for the modern economy. Much more than a lending and financial services platform, SteadyPay is shaping the future of employee benefits thanks to its innovative approach.

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Founded by Alex Romocea and Ioannis Vasilakos, Apperia is a FinTech platform that leans towards delivering Workplace Financial Wellbeing – an excellent prospect in the world of employee benefits startups.

National Education Union

The National Education Union specialises in representation, campaigning, and guidance. While different from typical startups, its work in the field of employee benefits is significant, especially in the education sector.


Co-founded by Jordan Kupersmith, Jorge Martins, and Udai Dhamija, Tuki allows sharing of your team with the trusted community. Operating in sectors like recruiting and hospitality, it has become a notable player in the employee benefits field.


Peppy, co-founded by Evan Harris, Max Landry, and Mridula Pore, is a leading digital platform that offers employers expert support in under-served areas of healthcare.


Pirkx, a package of benefits and savings solutions for gig economy and small business workers, was founded by Craig Caveney, Daniel Shakhani, and Stella Smith.

Upgrade Pack

Upgrade Pack, founded by Craig Unsworth and Urchana Moudgil, provides users with upgrades to better hotel rooms or airplane seats.


Sharefinance is a FinTech company that offers financial and employee benefits services. The company was co-founded by Dominic Cura and Wouter Wytenburg.


Levitate helps people find calm in a chaotic world through mindfulness & breathwork, supporting people and organisations to thrive. Ryan Nell is a co-founder.


ZENITHR provides HR intelligence solution offering employee engagement, feedback, happiness, and analysis services.

The Pay Index

Co-founded by James Rust, The Pay Index leads the way for senior executive compensation comparisons.


PORTABL.co, founded by Mike Minett, offers insurance and benefits to the freelancers around the world. With Freelancing becoming more common, it is one of the most innovative employee benefits platforms to watch.

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Fertifa, founded by Gedis Grudzinskas and Tony Xiang Chen, is an innovative employer benefits solution making fertility care more accessible and affordable.


Last but not least, 21CG is a FinTech company that specializes in pension funding, retirement, insurance, and employee benefits solutions.

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