Who are the Game-Changing App Startups Transforming England’s Tech Scene?

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UKT.news is excited to showcase a series of innovative and interesting Startups and Companies in the UK, providing solutions with their fantastic range of Apps. Hailing from various industries, including nutrition, fintech, music, and data services, these startups demonstrate the power of innovative thinking. Each of these companies is representative of the growing tech scene in England, and their impact is felt beyond their immediate customer base.

With the continuous evolution of technology and ever-changing consumer needs, these startups show enormous potential as contributors to such evolution. They have developed intuitive mobile applications targeted at various sectors, providing convenient solutions to daily life challenges. From trusted advice on nutritional needs to the futuristic realm of drone piloting, they are changing the tech landscape and making the UK a hub of innovation in this space.

Below, we are spotlighting 15 startups, each offering a unique, innovative solution designed to meet the needs of today’s fast-paced world. Discover their story, what they’re tackling, and what sets them apart in the growing UK tech landscape.

Best In Bag

Best In Bag is a mobile trusted-advisor that rates and ranks the nutritional information of all your favourite products, making it possible for anyone to make healthy choices easily.


The business app discovery platform, Evercloud, aggregates the best apps and tools for startups and SMEs, simplifying the journey of entrepreneurs and business owners.

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Datahoard offers an innovative solution in data services and storage, allowing you to monetize your data and control your digital footprint by sharing your data with vetted companies.

Gig FM

Presenting the world’s first Music Livestreaming app, Gig FM. It lets the user broadcast live and save the songs they performed to create a library of covers.


Shift is an on-demand technology platform for logistics, focused on making the delivery of goods efficient and seamless for consumers and businesses alike.


The new Fintech Neobank, Paycado, aims to provide affordable and innovative banking services, transforming the traditional banking narrative.


PayBear is revolutionising payments by enabling merchants to accept cryptocurrencies in their transactions.

The Trading game

The Trading Game is a unique and educational simulation for beginner investors in the Forex, Stock, and Cryptocurrency markets.

Get Groomed

Get Groomed is a novel mobile app for beauty and wellness, specializing in male grooming and beauty treatments on demand.


Dronestream is a collaborative platform enabling drone pilots to engage remotely with their organization from anywhere in the world.


Yojji delivers custom software development services, catering to web, mobile, and other technological needs of businesses.


Zenaxys is a technology firm specializing in Digital Transformation and Organisational Change Management, with the aim to overhaul and modernize operational processes.


Labstep is an innovative solution capturing real-time scientific process data, enabling a shareable timeline of a lab’s activity.


BullBear is a software platform that provides trading and investment solutions aiming to promote business growth for organizations.


tradechum is a mobile application that connects people who want to purchase something from abroad with travellers who can earn an extra income on the delivery.

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