Who are the Most Transformative UK Waste Management Startups in 2023?

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In the race to save the planet, waste management plays a crucial role. UK-based startups are at the forefront of exploring innovative and sustainable solutions to combat waste and bring about a cleaner and healthier environment. Here’s a roundup of waste management startups making significant strides in the UK.

These startups are operating in various sectors, from construction and engineering to fashion and healthcare, yet they all share a common goal: to reduce waste and optimize resources. Their solutions range from crafting sustainable materials and recycling technologies to waste management services and products made from recycled waste.

Witness the pioneering efforts of these UK-based startups that are acting aggressively to reshape the waste management industry while positively transforming our lives and the planet.


Yodomo, cofounded by Sophie Rochester, stands at the intersection of craftsmanship and sustainability. The startup emphasizes craft-making for wellbeing, reinforcing the idea of reusing materials. It operates within the fields of Content Creators, E-Learning, Lifestyle, Recycling, Sustainability, and Waste Management.


Skrap, a startup founded by Ahmed Rao, Hussain Hilli, and Marwan Field, operates as a B2B marketplace for construction waste. It facilitates the removal and reuse of bulky materials and equipment, thereby helping minimize construction waste.

BIG Atom

BIG Atom, founded by Alexander Guslisty and Toby Moss, is a recycling company set to end polymer waste. They develop and operate next-gen infrastructure for processing waste, showcasing the endless possibilities within waste management.

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Recycle Force

Recycle Force operates mainly in waste management and recycling, ensuring effective waste processing and reuse.


Toraphene, cofounded by Gaute Juliussen and Ingrid Williams, is working on a biodegradable, compostable and commercially viable substitute for plastic packaging, intending to make plastic packaging obsolete.

LAT Water

LAT Water, developed by Mark Hardiman, provides sustainable wastewater treatment solutions, clearly emphasizing the need for clean water and sanitation.


Matter. led by Adam Root offers solutions for capturing, harvesting, and recycling microplastics from wastewater, shedding light on the often overlooked concern of microplastic pollution.


Providing services in various fields, ODS is a social enterprise dedicated to delivering services in recycling & waste, civil engineering, fleet & electric vehicles, pest control, etc.

Planet Tracker

Planet Tracker is a financial think tank that aligns ecological balance with better financial outcomes through their insightful reports.

York Teaching Hospital Facilities Management

York Teaching Hospital Facilities Management provides a comprehensive range of facilities and estates services to healthcare providers, involving waste management.


Zessoo is best known for their innovative fashion products. They create beautiful accessories and vegan wallets from leaves, cork, and waste materials headed for slums.

SEaB Energy

SEaB Energy, founded by Nick and Sandra Sassow, has developed a patented micro anaerobic digestion system. This machine can convert organics to energy, water, & fertiliser on-site and in-building, bringing waste transformation closer to the source.

Rubbish Removal Scrap Metal Collection Recycle your Waste London

Rubbish Removal Scrap Metal Collection Recycle your Waste London is an insured waste management company that offers waste removal services in and around London.

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SafeEnviro, initiated by Arun Sri and Augustus Uadiale (MCIWM, CRWM), offers an innovative approach to waste management. They use technology to enhance industry practices, focusing on recycling, sustainability and waste management.


Legasea, founded by Lewis Sim and Raymond Milne, is an environmental Oil & Gas service company focusing on the Circular Economy for Subsea Production Systems and Controls.

Each of these startups represents a unique approach to tackling the mounting problem of waste and providing a sustainable future. Their innovative practices bring hope for significant change in the way waste is managed, helping to maintain harmony between industrial growth and environmental sustainability.

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